?> Social Value - Reading through the Solidarity

Reading through the Solidarity

Outside the metro stations, you may see women and men wearing a characteristic orange vest. They are the sellers of the “Shedia” street magazine. This initiative considered of major Social Impact by Equal Society because it is innovative, 

boosts solidarity among society members and offers hope to homeless people. Thus, its impact was measured by the Equal Society.

Through the assessment, we visited the facilities of the Magazine, the meeting rooms that sellers are gathered and we conducted participant observation to their educational seminars and when they were doing their job. The magazine byers’ smile of the magazine is an unforgettable fact. Since all we are the children of a detrimental economic crisis.

Sellers are homeless, unemployed and with very low or no income. In the beginning, they were skeptical but through time “Shedia” gained their trust. The aim of Equal Society lies on strengthening the generated impact by emphasizing on it and by recommendation relating to boosting the activity’s impact. All in all, as a team we may achieve more.

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